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How does the HotelsEtc Discount Club work?

  1. Just click the JOIN NOW button below and provide your credit card details.

  2. Immediately after completion of your order you'll receive an email confirmation/receipt.

  3. As soon as we are able set you up in our system you will receive a Welcome email with your access credentials to log into our secure Membership website where you can set up your profile.

  4. Once you complete your profile you'll have instant access to the Club.

  5. Enjoy your savings!

What discounts do I get when I join?

You get instant access to our entire program; over 1 million online & offline discounts on travel, shopping, dining, entertainment, health and more. This includes local discounts covering 100% of the top US markets with more than 700,000 locations to save!


When can I begin using my discounts?


You can begin to use your discounts as soon as you receive your credentials and enter them into your online account profile.

How do I access my discounts?

HotelsEtc Discount Club offers members access to multiple private wholesale booking engines, they are all 100% secure and can be accessed via any internet browser (ie: Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), all you need is access to the internet. We also offer a convenient mobile app (called "My Deals") that you can get in either the Apple App Store or Google Play for your smartphone (iPhone or Android) to find deals and display online discount coupons right from your phone.

How does the Reward Points Program work?

You earn Reward Points with many of the travel related purchases you make when using our "Red" Booking Engine. Once you earn enough Reward Points you can cash them in for free trips, vacations, cruises or retail gift cards.

How many Reward Points do I earn for each purchase/booking?

Reward Points are earned based on your total purchase price. The number of points you earn for each booking is listed before checkout.


Do my Reward Points ever expire?

Your Reward Points never expire as long as your membership remains active, so its important to renew your membership each year before your 12 month membership expires. The Lifetime Annual Price Lock is an additional incentive to keep your membership active.

What do I do if there are only a few local offers in my local area?

You can simply expand the distance in your search to see more offers just outside of your area (ie: try 5 miles, 10 miles, etc.). Plus, there are always hundreds of online deals for you to access!

What should I do if I tried to print a physical coupon for a local vendor, but it didn't print?

  1. Most people simply pull up the online coupon on their phone and show it to the vendor, but if you choose to print the coupon instead and are having issues, try the suggestions below.

  2. Make sure your printer is plugged into your computer and into an electrical outlet.

  3. Make sure your printer is powered on.

  4. Make sure your printer is working. (To ensure that it is working, try to print a document that you have previously printed.)

  5. Make sure there is paper in your printer.

  6. Make sure the paper is not jammed.

  7. Determine if you need to add/change the ink.



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